Festival Series

Wasted was staged as a series of mini-festivals celebrating loud, fast, radical, and mostly electronic new musics. Generally summed up under the loose terms of hardcore, breakcore, mashup, or raggacore, Wasted propagated a spirit of disrespectful dissent, unruly enthusiasm, and mountains of positive energy.

Wasted originated from ideas brought to CTM by musicians Jason Forrest and Pure as part of CTM.05 in February 2005. A CTM offshoot, Wasted soon became a festival in its own right. With CTM handling all production issues behind the scenes, Forrest and Pure were free to reach deep into their respective music networks to curate surprising line-ups filled with energy, humour, sonic mayhem, and musical radicalism. Between 2005 and 2008, 11 Wasted events were held in Berlin as well as abroad through collaborations with partners such as Today’sArt Festival (The Hague), Skanu Mežs (Riga), Sperm Festival (Prague), Les Siestes Electroniques (Toulouse), and New Noise Magazine (France).

Blessed entertainer Jason Forrest creates music that digests everything the international pop archives have to offer, exploding with humour and wit. Pure, a hardcore-techno protagonist from the very first hour, has in recent years moved toward complex, dark and haunting soundscapes filled with sonic anger, intense drones, and crunchy noise. These two artists’ distinct musical backgrounds guaranteed high tension and a synthesis of contradictions inherent in the presented sounds themselves.


Wasted 1

February 04 – 05, 2005 | CTM.05, Berlin

Christoph Fringeli [CH] ⦁ Curtis Chip [US] ⦁ Droon [BE] ⦁ Drop The Lime [US] ⦁ Duran Duran Duran [US] ⦁ Jason Forrest [DE/US] ⦁ Noize Creator [DE] ⦁ Pure [AT] ⦁ Repeater [FR] ⦁ Rotator [FR] ⦁ Shitmat [UK] ⦁ Sickboy [BE] Slepcy [PL] ⦁ Society Suckers [DE] ⦁ Terminal 11 [US]

Wasted 2

September 2 - 3, 2005 | Maria am Ostbahnhof, Berlin

Amboss [DE] ⦁ Baseck [US] ⦁ Bong Ra [NL] ⦁ DJ Skotch Egg [JP/UK]  Doormouse [US] ⦁ Drumcorps [US] ⦁ Eiterherd [AT] ⦁ Electric Kettle [FR]  I:Gor [PL] ⦁ Jason Forrest [DE/US]  ⦁ Lfo Demon [DE] ⦁ Ove Naxx [JP] ⦁ Parasite [UK] ⦁ Pure [AT] ⦁ Telematique & Lft [DE] ⦁ Terror And Mayhem [BE] ⦁ Übergang [DE] ⦁ Xanopticon [US]

Wasted 3

September 23, 2006 | TodaysArt Festival, The Hague 

FFF [NL] ⦁ Jason Forrest [DE/US] ⦁ Ladyscraper [UK] ⦁ Otto Von Schirach [US] ⦁ Pure [AT] ⦁ Servants Of The Apocalyptic Goat Rave [NL/BE] ⦁ Telematique & Lft [DE] ⦁ Venetian Snares [CA]

Wasted 4

January 26-27, 2007 | CTM.07, Berlin

Abbaabba [UK] ⦁ Bazooka [DE] ⦁ Bolz'n [DE] ⦁ C64 [CA] ⦁ Dev/Null [US] ⦁ DJ Floorclearer [UKl] ⦁ Ebola [UK] ⦁ Fuckhead [AT] ⦁ Horacio Polard [UK] ⦁ Jason Forrest [DE/US] ⦁ Kawasaki Speedcore Crew [UK] ⦁ Patrick Catani [DE] ⦁ Poingi [IL] ⦁ Pure [AT/DE] ⦁ Telematique & Lft & U-Matic [DE] ⦁ The Gigglin Dildas [BE] ⦁ Tim Exile [UK] ⦁ Trencher [UK] ⦁ Venetian Snares [CA] ⦁ Wrong Music Crew feat. Zombieflesheater [UK]

Wasted 5

May 19, 2007 | TodaysArt Festival, The Hague

Abelcain [US] ⦁ Akyz [IR/FR] ⦁ B.Slave [NL] ⦁ Bolz'n [DE] ⦁ Bulkrate [NL] ⦁ DJ Assassin [NL] ⦁ DJ Hidden [NL] ⦁ Electromeca [FR] ⦁ Fanny [UK] ⦁ Jason Forrest [DE/US] ⦁ Kalpol [IR] ⦁ Lukatoyboy [SRB] ⦁ M.A.C. Of Mad [CZ] ⦁ Mr. Orange [BE] ⦁ Pending [SRB] ⦁ Pisstank [UK] ⦁ Pure [AT] ⦁ Rioteer [NL] ⦁ Rob Raider and Jungle Fever [NL] ⦁ Sick Verbal Assault [NL] ⦁ Spector Mingus [DE] ⦁ The Deathmaker [FR] ⦁ Umkra [FR] ⦁ White Mice [US] ⦁ Wolfsthroat [DE] ⦁ Xanopticon [US] ⦁ Yob Kiss [NL]

Wasted vs Overkill

May 25, 2007 | Maria am Ostbahnhof, Berlin

Bolz'n [DE] ⦁ Donna Summer [US] ⦁ Mu-Ziq [GB] ⦁ Pure [AT] ⦁ Venetian Snares [CA] ⦁ White Mice [US]

Wasted Over Riga

August 25, 2007 | Andrejsalas Pulkvedis Riga

Donna Summer [US] ⦁ Drumcorps [US] ⦁ Electric Kettle [FR] ⦁ Pure [AT]

Wasted Over Prague

March 8, 2008 | A Baton, Prague

DJ Donna Summer [US] ⦁ Electric Kettle [FR] ⦁ Jezis Táhne Na Berlin & BJ Tzarr [CZ] ⦁ Pure [AT] ⦁ Society Suckers [DE]

Wasted Over Toulouse

May 9, 2008 | Les Vents du Sud, Toulouse

Binray [UK] ⦁ DJ Donna Summer [US] ⦁ Otto Von Schirach [US] ⦁ Pure [AT]

Wasted Over Marseille

May 10, 2008 | La Friche de la Belle Mai, Marseille

Dälek [US] ⦁ DJ Donna Summer [US] ⦁ Otto Von Schirach feat. DJ Urine [US/FR] ⦁ Playdoe [ZA] ⦁ Pure [AT]

Wasted Over Berlin

July 3rd, 2008 | Maria am Ostbahnhof, Berlin

Bogulta [JP] ⦁ DJ Donna Summer [US] ⦁ DJ Skotch Egg [JP] ⦁ Duran Duran Duran [US] ⦁ Maruosa [JP] ⦁ Ove Naxx [JP] ⦁ Pure [AT]