ICAS Suite

Collaborative Festival of Festivals

CTM Festival co-founded the ICAS – International Cities of Advanced Sound network, a group of 38 organizations and festivals on four continents that joined forces to (co-)create projects and foster discourse, thereby promoting artistic development at the interface of music, art, technology, and society. Shortly thereafter, the ICAS Suite was developed by CTM as an open and collaborative festival format for the whole network: all members are free to host an edition of the ICAS Suite in their respective home cities. The concept implies the invitation of the network’s members and of other music initiatives to participate in the curatorial process and shape a unique, collaborative music event.

A small pilot edition was first produced during CTM.11 under the title ICAS Kitchen, and was soon followed by the first ICAS Suite Berlin within the Berlin Music Week later in 2011. Both featured international artists curated by different participating ICAS network members. The second edition of ICAS Suite Berlin furthered the initiative’s collaborative spirit by fostering closer cooperation between ICAS network members and Berlin labels and music initiatives, to test new collaborations and projects in concerts and club nights throughout the city. With international and intercultural cooperation as its fundamental axis, the ICAS Suite Berlin editions aimed to display and amplify the vibrant undercurrents of collaboration that enrich current music cultures, providing a forum for independent music initiatives whose non-conformist appetite for new sounds, tireless perseverance, and open-mindedness form the creative mould from which today’s most forward-thinking music evolves.

The ICAS Suite Berlin’s broad musical spectrum reflects ICAS members’ open-ended approach to the rich panorama of contemporary and experimental music presently teasing the fringes of forced marketability. In an eclectic mix of club music, avant-pop, experimentation, ambient, noise, and improvisation, the ICAS Suite Berlin club nights, concerts, and performances showcased established as well as up-and-coming artists. The two Berlin editions took shape as 4-day programmes in venues such as Festsaal Kreuzberg, Monarch, West Germany, and Paloma

Different manifestations of the ICAS Suite were also produced within festivals Cynetart (Dresden) and Musikprotokoll (Graz), both in 2012.

The ICAS Kitchen and ICAS Suite Berlin are a part of the five-year project initiative Networking Tomorrow’s Art for an Unknown Future, dedicated to exploring diverse aspects of the future of music culture, its social role, and its repercussions, which was launched by the network’s European strand ECAS – European Cities of Advanced Sound, with funding from the European Commission’s Culture Programme.

Posters of the ICAS Suite Berlin 2011 and 2012, design Studio Grau.


The ICAS Kitchen, 2011

A Minus [FR] Andreas Kurtsson [SE] Beast [SE] Beer Van Geer [NL] Betty Pop [FR] Boska [NO] Conexión +598av [UY] Cos Mir [RO] Debmaster [FR] DJ Charlotte Bendiks [NO] DJ Idealist [SE] DJ Taigatrost [NO] DJ Ulf Eriksson [SE] DJ Vinny Villbass [NO] Dubna [LV] Dungeon Acid [SE] FH [CZ] Geography Records Showcase [SE] Henning [FR] Ken Ood [SE] Le Petit Garcon [NO] Martin Craciun & Androoval [UY] Mental Overdrive [NO] Merlijn Van Eijk [NL] Ophoniste Grand Prix Berlin [SE] Popper-C [CZ] Reynold [FR] Roeland P Landegent [NL] Rroxymore [FR] Stitching Together [SE] TodaysArt & Cimatics DJ Team [NL] Xahcx [LV]  

The ICAS Suite – 1st Edition, 2011

2562 [NL] ⦁ Antilles (Erik Minkinnen, Lionel Fernandez, Jerome Berg) [FR] ⦁ Benjamin L. Aman [FR] ⦁ Boska [NO] ⦁ Canibal Negro [AR] ⦁ Charlotte Bendiks [NO] ⦁ Climax [AV] ⦁ Comfort Fit [DE] ⦁ Conforce [NL] Cos Mir [RO] Cosmin TRG [RO] ⦁ De:Bug Allstars [DE] ⦁Deadbeat Lillevan [CA/DE] ⦁ DJ JSN [NO] ⦁ DJ Moodswinger [RS] ⦁ DJ Storno [DE] ⦁ DJ Zhao [CN/US] ⦁ Dunian [LV] ⦁ Edgars Rubenis [LV] ⦁ Erik Minkkinen [FR] ⦁ Errorist [Sl] ⦁ Fauna [AR] ⦁ Florian Sievers [DE] ⦁ Galina Hardgrove [LV] ⦁ Heiko Hoffmann [DE] ⦁ Islaja [FI] ⦁ Jac Bérrocal, Vincent Epplay & David Fenech [FR] ⦁ Jacob Korn & Cuthead aka Kornhead [DE] ⦁ Jam City [UK] ⦁ Jan Sramek aka VJ Kolouch [CZ] ⦁ Jan Zimmerman [DE] ⦁ Jasmine Guffond [AU] ⦁ Jess & Crabbe [FR] ⦁ Johanna Knutsson [SE] ⦁ Jonsson Alter [SE] ⦁ Kassem Mosse [DE] ⦁ Kodek [LV] ⦁ Los Refrescos (Ruta5 aka Andrés Bucci, Argenis Brito & Miguel Toro) [CL/VE] ⦁ Mario de Vega [MX] ⦁ Mārtiņš Roķis [LV] ⦁ Midaircondo & Michala Østergaard-Nielsen [SE] ⦁ Moisine [FR] ⦁ Mokira [SE] ⦁ Nicholas Bussman [DE] & guests ⦁ Octex [Sl] ⦁ Ossie [UK] ⦁ Peter Van Hoesen [BE] ⦁ Popper-C [CZ] ⦁ Preslav Literary School [UK] ⦁ Robert Lippok [DE] ⦁ Rochite [RO] ⦁ Schneider TM [DE] ⦁ Secousse Sound System [FR] ⦁ Servando Barreiro [ES] ⦁ Sohrab [IR] ⦁Table [CZ] TEVE [CZ] The Magic State [SE] The Mole [CA] Thilo Schneider [DE] Toy Selectah [MX] Ulf Erikkson [SE] Un Mono Azul [AR] Why am I Mr. Pink? [FR]

The ICAS Suite – 2nd Edition, 2012

12Z [HU] ⦁ 2G "In Between" [NL] ⦁ 33-10-3402 [RS] ⦁ A Cell Of One [DE] ⦁ Acid Andy [SE] ⦁ Alejo [UY] ⦁ Andreas Reihse [DE] ⦁ Attan [FR] ⦁ Awesome Tapes From Africa [US] ⦁ Cartilage Consortium [FR] ⦁ Clark [UK] ⦁ Cooly G [UK, Canceled] ⦁ Cord [DE] ⦁ Cupp Cave [BE] ⦁ Daniel Fersch aka Danny Bwoy [DE] ⦁ DJ Maxximus [DE] ⦁ Dork [HU] ⦁ Doug Shipton [UK] ⦁ Ema [UY] ⦁ Emika [UK] ⦁ Fellow [AW/NL] ⦁ Filosofische Stilte [NL] ⦁ Finders Keepers (Doug Shipton & Booty Carell) [UK/DE] ⦁ Flux.FM DJs (Mathi Weck & Monty) [DE] ⦁ Fresh Meat [DE] ⦁ Gabeen [HU] ⦁ Gábor Lázár [HU] ⦁ George Michael Jackson [RS] ⦁ Grischa Lichtenberger [DE] ⦁ Guille [UY/DE] ⦁ Herrmutt Lobby [BE] ⦁ High Wolf [FR] ⦁ Hyperactivist [VE] ⦁ Ian Lampel aka Metis [UY] ⦁ Jens Strüver [DE] ⦁ Krampfhaft [NL] ⦁ L'amateur [FR] ⦁ Likhan [FR] ⦁ Lod + Junichi Akagawa [ES/JP] ⦁ Manglus [UY] ⦁ Marco Heinzmann aka Wasteman [DE] ⦁ Martin Teysera [UY] ⦁ Max Dax [DE] ⦁ Metis feat. Eco Lopez [UY] ⦁ Michael Rosen [DE] ⦁ Mobiletti Giradischi [NL/DE] ⦁ Morphosis [LB] ⦁ MRK [FR] ⦁ Mykki Blanco [US] ⦁ Nguzunguzu [US] ⦁ NIBC [SE] ⦁ Nic Fisher [UK] ⦁ Nicholas Desamory [DE] ⦁ Pantha Du Prince [DE] ⦁ Physical Therapy [US] ⦁ Plagium [HU] ⦁ Plapla Pinky [FR] ⦁ Profilli [RS] ⦁ Pussykrew [NL] ⦁ Raum Für Projektion [DE] ⦁ Resident Advisor DJs [UK] ⦁ Sagat [BE] ⦁ Sascha Roth [NL] ⦁ Sascha Uhlig aka Basco [DE] ⦁ Schwabe [RS] ⦁ Sculpture [UK] ⦁ Seeds In Helmet [HU] ⦁ Sentel [NL] ⦁ Serotonine Sunshine [HU] ⦁ Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Bitch [HU] ⦁ Spacesh!t [HU] ⦁ Spex DJs (Jan Wehn & Thomas Vorreyer) [DE] ⦁ Spitzer [FR] ⦁ Splatter [HU] ⦁ Ssaliva [BE] ⦁ The Phantom [NL] ⦁ The Wire Soundsystem [UK] ⦁ Traxman [US] ⦁ Visuals Chindogu [UY]